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Obama/Axelrod Smear Palin, Attempt Fake Grassroots Campaign  link added 09/22/08   by Kevin Willis
The Jawa Report has a breakdown on how Axelrod and the Obama campaign are trying to make fake grassroots campaigns to smear Sarah Palin, while, at the same time, leaving a trail of smoking guns everywhere. No wonder the left like's to tell us they are the smartest and most ethical folks out there!
Charlie Gibson Prejudiced Against Palin, JOFI  link added 09/13/08   by Kevin Willis
The Journal of Feminist Insight blog has a breakdown of softballs Charlie Gibson tossed Obama vs. the prosecutorial nature of his questions for Palin. Pretty damning stuff, indeed. For Obama: How does it feel to win? For Palin: Do you have enough qualifications for the job your seeking? And on and on and on. Not classy, Charlie.
The Politics of Blood from First Things.  link added 09/03/08   by Kevin Willis
Apparently to folks of the left, the ends will always justify the means. Ruin people, lie, cheat, steal, anything short of murder (and, hmm, who knows, maybe that, too) is okay if it means you get universal healthcare and progressive taxation. Learning that, on the left, the end always justifies the means is why I'm not a liberal today.
And It's In Spiegel!  link added 04/03/08   by Kevin Willis
A great story about a heroic soldier. <sarcasm>Suck on this, you pinkos! </sarcasm>
Horror Movies Are About White Guilt Over Gentrification?  link added 10/31/07   by Kevin Willis
An excellent example (from AlterNet, where else?) of overthinking without serious thought. Horror movies are about villifying displaced native Americans and ethnic minorities in slums? Time after time, it seems well-bred, well-educated folks can be mind-numbingly foolish.
Take the Global Warming Test  link added 04/18/07   by Kevin Willis
How does Global Warming reall work? What really causes it? Is there really a consensus? Take the Global Warming test and see how much you really know!
Dubya More Environmentally Friendly Than Al Gore  link added 02/28/07   by Kevin Willis
But that's not the conclusion of this article. The conclusion of this article is that because George W. Bush lives an environmentally friendly lifestyle in his own life, he's bad! He should be mandating that the unwashed masses have to cripple their lifestyles and live like luddites to satisfy the liberal elites: who, like Al Gore, don't live the restricted lifestyle the advocate for everybody else.
Is Bush a Lunatic? Molly Ivins  link added 05/17/06   by Kevin Willis
Is Bush insane or just stupid? Are the Republicans crazy or evil? With these thoughtful, reasoned questions, Molly Ivins launches a campaign to help Republicans in November.

She thinks a $70 billion dollar tax cut is proof of insanity, but the fact that the economy is firing on all cylinders and almost everybody is doing better because the economy is so strong . . . doesn't figure into it. Tax cuts are bad!

She notes a typical definition of insanity as "doing the same thing and expecting different results", but one might also think that seeing great results and yet persistently wanting to do different things (that, historically, have produced poor results) is smart. Huh?
Country Boy, Nina Burleigh  link added 04/19/06   by Kevin Willis
Liberals hate America so much that hearing a child recite the Pledge of Allegiance makes them cringe. Fortunately, liberal parents can indoctrinate their kids in how rotten America is and how Christians are the modern equivalent of Nazis. Yay!

Oh, and that backwards hick school her son had to attend for a little while taught him how to read and write much better than his more sophisticated counterparts in more politically correct metropolitan New York. But that's not nearly as important to these sophisticated liberal intellectuals as teaching their kids to hate Bush and be frightened of Christians.
America Has a Worker Shortage, Alternet  link added 03/09/06   by Kevin Willis
Hey, I thought we had unprecedented unemployment? I thought George Bush had lost more jobs than ever in American history? So how can we have a worker shortage? How does that work, exactly? Could it be that both issues are complete, partisan BS?
Right and Left: My Sad Experience, Ann Althouse  link added 02/09/06   by Kevin Willis
Ann Althouse, a slight right-of-center moderate blogger, notes how the right tends to praise her when they agree, while the left only tends to attack her when she disagrees.
Greenpeace Co-Founder Praises Global Warming, The Honolulu Advertiser   link added 01/16/06   by Kevin Willis
He doesn't really praise global warming, he simply says that a real concern for the environment and conservation has nothing to do with the modern environmental movement, and he's right.
The Cold Facts on Global Warming - The LA Times  link added 12/19/05   by Kevin S. Willis
Not exactly known for its conservative outlook, the L.A. times features an article on the numerous scientific weaknesses of the global warming argument. It's another nail in the global warming coffin, and, no doubt, the religious environmentalists will pitch a fit. I updated this link 12/18/05 to a non LA-Times link that still has the original article.
Media Bias Is Real, Finds UCLA Political Scientist  link added 12/19/05   by Kevin Willis
Whaddaya know? Media bias is real, and mostly liberal, according to UCLA! And yet, I do ask: what does this bias really mean, when most people who pay attention understand that the media is biased, and generally trends left?
Times Cites U.N. Report Blasting U.S. as Cheap, Free Market Project  link added 09/09/05   by Kevin Willis
UN Report says U.S. is stingy in foreign aid. Of course, that's only if you don't count the actual money we give, then we're the biggest. Huh? And independent giving in the U.S. is exceptionally high, but the UN doesn't care about that either. Of course, NYT doesn't give any context to their story, but you get the real deal here.
Eminent Development, Molly Ivins.  link added 07/01/05   by Kevin Willis
Something is wrong with Molly Ivins. She's actually right about the Supreme Court decision on eminent domain! She doesn't note that, with the possible exception of Sandra Day O'Connor, she's opposed every single justice (and would oppose any future justices) who side with private property and individual liberty.
Keeping it Simple, Stupid, AlterNet  link added 06/28/05   by Kevin Willis
The left and liberals thinks George W. Bush is stupid (because he's not "nuanced"), and why is he stupid? Because he's a Christian, and Christians are stupid! Wow, what a great, vote-getting strategy. I wonder if Karl Rove is writing for AlterNet.
What's Right With Kansas, James Nuechterlein  link added 06/23/05   by Kevin Willis
An in depth response to Thomas Frank's "What's The Matter With Kansas" (which I reviewed several months ago) weak premise.
Star Wars III: The Curse of Pregnancy  link added 05/25/05   by Kevin Willis
Forget for a moment that, naturally, the left generally considers pregnancy and children a curse ("unviable tissue mass" or "growth like cancer", anyone?) and enjoy this review of Revenge of The Sith, where Kimi Eisele argues that the big problem is that Padme doesn't make a good feminist role model for a feminist looking to reproduce.
Howard Dean to Head DNC? Alternet  link added 01/21/05   by Kevin Willis
While Dean might not help the Democrats as the face of the DNC, he might actually help the party by decentralizing power and decision making. Then again, the left dominates the Democratic party so tremendously now, structural changes might not be sufficient.
My Vote for Harold Ford Jr. Justified, Alternet  link added 01/10/05   by Kevin Willis
Well, they don't like what he's doing at Alternet, so that's a sure sign he's doing smart things. "Beholden to corporate interests" is liberal code-language for "not beholden to us" or, in the case of Harold Ford, Jr., "negro wandering off the Democratic plantation". Because what's the first thing liberals bring up when somebody who happens to be black isn't doing what they want? Their race! It's in the title of the article. Read it! They're whacky!
Howard Dean Has the Cure, Alternet  link added 01/04/05   by Kevin Willis
Maybe Howard Dean isn't completely nuts--although I think decentralizing the power in the Democratic Party would end up shifting the party rightwards (or, at least, center-wards) rather than left. But Dean is still stuck. "We are not automatons like the Republicans are." And, of course, these old saws: "pro-life people who are pro-life only until the child is born" and "religious bigotry is back in favor, encouraged by the president". Yuh-huh.
America's Helping Hand, Carol Adelman  link added 12/28/04   by Kevin Willis
Given the recent, tired old accusation of "American Stinginess", it might be good to take a look at Carol Adelman's excellent rundown of just how generous America--and the American people--truly are to an ungrateful world.
Corporate Criminal, Wal-Mart, Liza Featherstone  link added 12/22/04   by Kevin Willis
I wish I had more time to go into the short-sighted myopia of this sort of nonsense. Making a villain out of a company that has made so much money for so many people--and given so many people jobs--will simultaneously bringing quality product at low price to the middle-to-lower income segment of the marketplace. How many of those people living below the poverty line bought one or more of their color televisions or microwaves at Wal-Mart? Sheesh!
Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine  link added 12/09/04   by Kevin Willis
In an illustration of how nothing really changes, and how dead on Ronald Reagan was in so many ways, take a listen to his excellent discourse on the evil's of socialized medicine. One thing will definitely become clear: the Democrat playbook really hasn't change in not just forty years but perhaps fifty! The links to the mp3 files are towards the bottom of the page, listed as "Operation Coffee Cup Part Intro" and so on. A must listen!
Former Marine Testifies to Atrocities in Iraq, Washington Post  link added 12/08/04   by Kevin Willis
I'm not saying we should kill civilians if it can be avoided, but in times of war, with cars charging roadblocks, it's better to shoot first and ask questions later. If we want those American and British soldiers coming home to their families. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were war atrocities. The fire bombing of Dresden was a war atrocity. Firing on Iraqis who, though innocent, gave all appearances of trying to kill U.S. soldiers, is unfortunate. They are casualties of war. And I believe most American's--those that aren't leftists--understand that. And I expect what amounts to another thinly veiled attack on U.S. and British soldiers from liberals and the press will be seen as what it is, and further marginalize the anti-war left. And the media.
The Social Security "Do Nothing Plan", Concord Coalition  link added 12/08/04   by Kevin Willis
A great way to illustrate the absurdity of the Democrats and critics of personal accounts for Social Security is the approach of the Concord Coalition, who reframe their advocacy of the status quo as what it is--a proposal to do nothing while Social Security "withers on the vine", as it were.
HillaryCare In Tennessee  link added 12/06/04   by Kevin Willis
TennCare is a mess, Bredesen is going to pull the plug (and if I had known that before he won the election, I would have voted for him), and it should serve as a stern cautionary tale to those who think government provided healthcare is a good idea. Alas, I know too many people who are so indoctrinated in the cult of healthcare that they'd sooner give up their right to vote if it meant universal healthcare coverage. I wonder if the form of mental illness that leads people to think the same people who run the DMV and our pork-laden government should be put in charge of all healthcare is covered?
Eminem is Right! by Mary Eberstadt  link added 12/06/04   by Kevin Willis
Mary Eberstadt takes on the violence, hostility, and negativity of contemporary music and puts the blame where it belongs: on the broken homes all these musicians come from and the absentee parents that failed to raise them. This is a great article.
The Education of Dan Rather, by Peggy Noonan  link added 12/03/04   by Kevin Willis
A thoughtful, and though provoking, meditation on Dan Rather's career by Peggy Noonan, who has a lot of genuinely nice things to say, and genuine admiration, for Dan Rather. And she doesn't try to rewrite history to make it so Dan was always on her side, or much better than the current crop of media liberals (as do liberals when they, say, suddenly found nice things to say about Reagan, or Bush's father). Just a very real and thoughtful commentary on who Dan Rather was, and what he has meant to the news.
F**k the South  link added 12/01/04   by Kevin Willis
Speaking of f**king the south, I never did post a link to the profanity-laden screed that I suspect represents the heart of your average northeastern liberal. Warning: every other word is profane. Lots of cussin', in other words, my fellow inbred rednecks. ;)
Southern Ms.  link added 12/01/04   by Kevin Willis
Liberals continue to comfort themselves with a vision of the south as backwards and hostile to women. I urge my fellow Memphians to read the description of the backwoods backwater described here, and see if it meshes with your experience of Memphis and the south. This sounds a little bit like the lighter side of "f*ck the south".
Al Phlipp & The Woo Team  link added 11/23/04   by Kevin Willis
Working on getting the Woo Team site, and archive, up on Check it out here. Or start here, with the first album I've currently got up!
Brace Yourself - Victor Hanson, NRO  link added 09/02/04   by Kevin Willis
Hanson warns: "Thus if the Democrats lose the next election, they must confront the bitter fact that the House, the Senate, the presidency, and soon the Supreme Court are lost and lost mostly to the dominant influence of their most vocal and wealthy supporters in Hollywood, the universities, the media, and the foundations who have privileged an agenda that is out of touch with most of those whom they never see nor wish to see." Hanson is normally right on, and this one is no exception.
I Drew The Short Straw - Andrew Stuttaford, NRO  link added 08/31/04   by Kevin Willis
IN observing the bohemians against Bush during the RNC convention in New York, Andrew notices just the sort of pyschological dysfunction that I did during the Gulf War--and realized that, if this is what liberalism is, then I wasn't a liberal. Because it becomes clear that for most of these people, liberalism is not an honest embrace of just causes, but of self-congratulatory bufoonery.
Mass Graves in Iraq - NPR  link added 06/23/04   by Kevin Willis
Let's keep in mind what real evil is like. About why it's worth fighting. And why those who complain that the process of fighting evil is less than perfect, and often involves less than perfect people, and thus we shouldn't try, oughta be strung up by their balls. Or at least reviled as the pro-fascist, pro-genocide hypocrites they are.
Free Money Isn't Satisfying  link added 06/23/04   by Kevin Willis
A study says that gettting money for nothing--such as by winning the lottery or being a trust-fund baby--simply isn't as satisfying as making money the old fashioned way: by earning it. So what does that say about people living off their parents, or living on the dole? What as that say about the inherent fallacy of the Great Society? Hmmm . . .
Has the Environmental Movement Left The World Behind?  link added 04/22/04   by Kevin Willis
I don't think so. As the fact that the author of this article is the co-founder of Greenpeace should illustrate, the environmental movement has been hijacked by anti-capitalist, anti-progress, anti-humanity radicals, and has little or nothing to do with conservation or the environment as we once understood those ideas. Today, modern environmentalism and eco-extremism punishes the third world, spreads disease, blinds the poor, and then pats itself on its back in congratulations for a job well done. Take a look for yourself.
Krtistallnacht in Kosovo  link added 03/19/04   by Kevin Willis
As if we needed more evidence that the UN is worthless. And where is the media and the liberals complaining about the complete and irreversible destruction of centuries of history, when they made so much noise about the completely fictional theft of antiquities in Iraq. And they complained, then, that the the U.S. military was complicit because they did not prevent it, but the U.N. turned tail and ran in Kosovo--and not a peep. In the final analysis, Kosovo is still a humanitarian mess, nothing was resolved, the UN has done nothing positive there, and the "great success" of our risk-free military action in Kosovo is, in fact, an abject failure. And we want to turn the war on terror over for UN approval? I don't think so.
Ban The Sword, Herald Sun  link added 03/18/04   by Kevin Willis
For those gun nuts who worry that gun regulation might lead to a "slippery slope" of banning anything that can hurt you, look no further than Australia, and their new nation-wide ban on personal sword ownership. No more getting medieval on their asses, I guess.
Outsourcing: What Goes Around Comes Around, Star Tribune  link added 03/18/04   by Kevin Willis
Writing in the New York Times (!), syndicated columnist Thomas Friedman takes on the absurdity of the zero-sum-gain theory on outsourcing of white collar jobs to India--that America suffers while Indians benefit. Leave alone the question of whether or not it's a good idea to encourage the economic and technological and corporate growth of a diverse and populous, but still relatively poor, nation such as India at the cost of a few desk jobs, but Americans clearly benefit--in increased exports, as well as in dividends returned to the American investors in these companies. Which include mutual funds and pensions that many Americans will retire on. And although Friedman doesn't mention it, does anyone seriously believe that we don't benefit in the long run when we export not just American products, but American practices and procedures and economic-know how to countries like India? Certainly, for liberals concerned about conditions in the 3rd world, outsourcing and offshoring should be seen as delightfully humanitarian, at, in the end, an extremely low cost/high benefit ratio compared to simply giving tax revenues to the World Bank. Ah, well.
Urinals Shaped Like Women's Mouths! Fashion Wire Daily  link added 03/17/04   by Kevin Willis
What level of misogynistic debauchery have we reached, at least symbolically, with a flight lounge for the well-to-do that features urinals built to look like women's mouths, wide open and waiting, that the manufacturer bills as "this is one target men will never miss!" What? Something about the fall of Rome comes to mind . . .
Kerry's Doctored Photos, Common Dreams  link added 03/16/04   by Kevin Willis
Does it strike anybody else as odd that everybody tip-toes around the issue, whether or not it could (or should) be considered a negative that John Kerry attended an anti-war rally with Jane Fonda? Nowhere is it mentioned that, yes, John Kerry and Jane Fonda did share a platform at an anti-war rally, just not this one. Given how much mileage the Kerry camp is getting from the faked photo (following the general circulation of a real one), one wonders if this is really intended to hurt the Kerry camp--or help it. Sorry, I'm just cynical.
Plagues of Locusts, Yahoo News  link added 03/16/04   by Kevin Willis
Plagues of locusts are devouring the sparse crops of already hurting Australian farmers. At least we can be thankful they can't harm the poor locusts by spraying DDT! Silent Spring, anyone?
Ohio OKs Evolution Lesson, Associated Press  link added 03/10/04   by Kevin Willis
As the article notes, 22 pages out of over 500 are devoted to a "critical analysis" of intelligent design--i.e., the possibility that a creator (or creators) had a role in the creation of the universe. Of course, the same sorts of mental midgets that opposed teaching of any kind of evolution now oppose teaching anything critical of evolution, worried that there is "no scientific evidence" for it. Do they worry similarly over the teaching of string theory or dark matter? Somehow, I doubt it.
Chastity Pressed on Teens, BBC  link added 03/09/04   by Kevin Willis
While American prudes inflict the horror of not-humping-everything-that-moves on defenseless American teens, most Americans were also stupid enough to see Britney Spears as an icon of virginal purity. Huh? And the assertion that abstinenece promotion says "contraception does not work" leaves the impression that abstinence education does not acknowledge the existence and purpose of contraceptives, which it does. But that it dares to mention the failure rates of condoms, or the side-effects of birth control, is anathema to the modern liberal. Yikes.
Virgin teens 'have same STD rate', BBC  link added 03/09/04   by Kevin Willis
Oh, for Pete's sake. Sometimes I think the BBC, and the leftist organizations they mine for fodder for their socialist propaganda machine, operate in a different reality. Or a reality occupied with extremely gullible people. You can't teach abstinence and safe sex, so only instruct kids about condoms.
Bush Budget Fuels Sex Ed Debate, Fox News  link added 03/08/04   by Kevin Willis
And what could the debate be? Why, about whether or not we can tell teens that not having sex while you're still in highschool could be a good idea. The horrors! What sort of fascist government suggests that teens might wait until, I don't know, say college, before they become sexually active. The people who say absistence education is designed to "keep kids ignorant and uneducated" are the same people who have dedicated their lives to keeping kids ignorant and uneducated in the name of their social agenda.
Patrick Stewart Denounces Violence Towards Women, Rueters  link added 03/05/04   by Kevin Willis
The best bit is at the end, where the Vagina Monologues chick, Eve Ensler, complains that 70 women a month are being abducted and sold into the slave trade in Baghdad, since the U.S. invasion last year. Either Eve or Rueters is trying to leave the impression that U.S. action in Iraq somehow created this problem, which is nuts in itself. But where in today's world is there more violence and desecration and degrading of women than under Islamic culture, which most liberal elites believe we should let mind their own business?
Rawanda's Horror Brought to the Big Screen, from the Associated Press  link added 03/04/04   by Kevin Willis
Thanks goodness we didn't step in to do anything in Rawanda. If only we had been as smart with Iraq. What right do we have to tell other countries whether or not their going to engage in genocide or not? Maybe I'm just ignorant, but I tend to think we should have intervened in Rawanda. And Iraq. And Liberia.
Bush and the National Guard: Case Closed  link added 02/18/04   by Kevin Willis
The evidence is in: not only is it clear Bush served honorably in the National Guard, it's clear the press has been intentionally leaving things out of their stories. Even their main guy, Brig. Gen. William Turnipseed, says they have it wrong.
Who Gets To Play Indian? -  link added 02/18/04   by Kevin Willis
David Yeagley might seem a little hysterical when he says that the effort to remove racial stereotypes is, in this case, actually hatred of Native American heritage. But take a look at the groups anti-Indian logo.
BUSH AND I WERE LIEUTENANTS - Washington Times  link added 02/16/04   by Kevin Willis
Well, they kept begging for people to step forward, and here is one of 'em. So far, the coverage hasn't been quite as enthusiastic as the demands that someone come forward (with the bizarre presumption that I would think most agitating for it knew to be false: that Bush never showed up for National Guard duty and nobody noticed until their brilliant selves did, 30 years later). This guy give's em what for.
Energy Crisis Will Limit Births - BBC Online  link added 02/13/04   by Kevin S. Willis
You have to wonder what universe some people inhabit. From the article: "Economic hardship discourages people from marrying young and from having closely spaced children" -- Let's leave alone in oft-repeated, for 50 years, assertion that we only have a few decades worth of fossil fuels left, and just focus on that statement, given as fact, despite that all statistics on poverty and childbirth go against it. It is economic largesse (and education) that gives rise to smaller families. Not economic hardship.
Warning Over Clingfilm 'Condoms' - BBC News  link added 02/09/04   by Kevin S. Willis
And people are just supposed to believe this twaddle? Of course, the real goal has to be the manufacturing of statistics to get the already uber-socialist British government to pay for even more things government shouldn't be paying for, but come on. If these kids are so poverty stricken that they can't afford a single condom, they don't need to be having sex, period--in fact, I think there's probably much better things they could be doing with their time. Like, getting an education. Or moving to another country.
Terrorism? What Terrorism? National Review Online  link added 02/04/04   by Kevin S. Willis
Byron York makes a point about Democratic primary voters--they just don't care about terrorism. The question, come November, will be whether or not conservatives care enough to show up and vote for a tax and spend Big Government Nixocrat--that is, George W. Bush--who will hold the line on terrorism, while letting it erode everywhere else.
Dyke Warning Over Hutton Report - BBC  link added 01/30/04   by Kevin S. Willis
If this doesn't demonstrate the arrogance and, well, idiocy of the press, I don't know what will. Greg Dyke, in resigning from the BBC, had this to say: "Lord Hutton does seem to suggest that it is not enough for a broadcaster or a newspaper... to simply report what a whistleblower says because they are an authoritative source. You have to demonstrate that it is true. That would change the law in this country." Imagine that! The press oughta try and make sure their sources are true and not just, say, lies, propaganda, and smear from "reputable" sources. Sheesh.
BBC Chairman to Resign - BBC News  link added 01/28/04   by Kevin S. Willis
Turns out that the people falsifying intelligence about the Iraq war were actually the activist reporters populating the BBC. The amazing thing about this story is that they are actually being held accountable.
Microsoft to Share Underpinnings with India? - CNET  link added 01/26/04   by Kevin S. Willis
Yikes! This can't be good. Microsoft is going to share the inner workings of Windows with India? Not only will America be outsourcing all it's software development, apparently Microsoft wants an entire nation of educated, underpaid people creating viruses and trojan horses to attack their famously insecure OS.
Existing Home Sales Surge in December - Reuters  link added 01/26/04   by Kevin S. Willis
More bad news for the doom and gloom crowd, as the "worse economy in 50 years" generates record-level home sales, meaning more people than ever own their own homes.
Michael Crichton's Remarks to the Commonwealth Club  link added 01/24/04   by Kevin S. Willis
Crichton says: "The greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda." And he's talking about the politically correct history and science of the environmentalist religion. It's a good read, and he knows his stuff.
Understanding Poverty In America - The Heritage Foundation  link added 01/24/04   by Kevin S. Willis
More proof that the poor in America just aren't poor. Not addressed is why the rest of the world refuses to embrace the Western, and especially American, system. Hmm . . .
Who is George Soros? - Politics in the Pub  link added 01/24/04   by Kevin S. Willis
Who is billionaire George Soros, and why is he saying such terrible things about us?
F**K The Nazis! - The Mirror  link added 01/23/04   by Kevin S. Willis
Is it for real? Is Churchill's parrot still alive? Did Churchill really teach it to say profanities about the Nazis? If it isn't true, it oughta be.
The Cold Facts on Global Warming - The LA Times  link added 01/23/04   by Kevin S. Willis
Not exactly known for its conservative outlook, the L.A. times features an article on the numerous scientific weaknesses of the global warming argument. It's another nail in the global warming coffin, and, no doubt, the religious environmentalists will pitch a fit.
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