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rrrrrrrrrrr  by admin

Al Phlipp & The Woo Team Is Fresh!  by Kevin Willis

And it's everywhere. Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, you name it. Go buy some today!
Reduction  by Kevin Willis

"Reduction" was written in 2003, motivated--as much of my sci-fi stuff is--in trying to take a hard-science fiction approach to an old formula, in this case the old "Incredible Shrinking Man" formula. Movies and literature have had people shrinking, or being shrunk, for years--but in the physical world, there would be real challenges in terms of physics and chemistry to both actually shrinking a living creature, and such shrinking would definitely have negative effects on the creature being shrunk. Plus, I've been a big fan of nanotechnology since I read K. Eric Drexler's Engines of Creation.
Rain on Mars  by Kevin Willis

Another story I wrote circa 2003, this one about a Martian colony. I always thought it would be interesting to do a story about Mars that wasn't fantastical, didn't depend on some 10,000 year old alien civilazation for the drama, and had more to do with real-world politics and corporate bureaucracy than the average Mars story ever did. Thus was born: Rain on Mars.
Houdini's Box  by Kevin Willis

This is a story I wrote in 2003, an idea inspired by Jill Sobule's song, "Houdini's Box". I'm sure it's not what she had in mind, but I was listening to the song while working on one of my many unfinished novel, and it came to me completely done in my head. I think I actually wrote it down in two days--which is awfully fast for me, even for a short story. It's a fairly dark story, and deals with a child dying, so if that's not your kind of thing, I suggest you stay away.
The Bowels of Hell  by Kevin Willis

The Bowels of Hell is a short story I wrote in college, slightly ammended with a few more details a few years ago. I've always loved this story of a college English class taking a field trip to Hell. I sent it to a few magazines, and no takers, so apparently it's just me. But here it is, in all its glory.
Mud  by Kevin Willis

This is a short story I wrote in 1989 about the love and longing and being unable to connect with the object of desire. As personified by a mud-creature that lives in a pit on an old Southern farm. I've been meaning to put some of the fiction I've written over the years online in some form or fashion, and this is it.
The Ideological Divide  by Kevin Willis

I've always been interested in what causes ideological divides between us, and why, for the most part, they seem so dichotomous. We like to think it's our logic, intelligence, and rational thought, but it may just be the way we're built.

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A New Post on my Software Supply Group Blog  by Kevin Willis

I really am still here, just busy on other things (right now). I will be back. This I pledge. In the meantime . . .
Just a Couple of Links (Updated) . . .  by Kevin Willis

Just in case your interested. A quick way to look at our JRS.Medical products in a handy price comparison engine (Google's Product Search) is right here, the JRS Medical Google Products Catalog.
I'm Doing a Different Kind of Blog Now  by Kevin Willis

For Software Supply Group! Though I'm still doing this blog, any time something occurs to me. BTW,Technorati Profile <--I'm adding this so Technorati can let me claim my blog. Ding!
03/10/08 Elliot Spitzer Apologizes  by Kevin Willis
02/07/08 The 1/2 Hour News Hour  by Kevin Willis
01/08/08 I Picked HD DVD Again, And Here's Why . . .  by Kevin Willis
12/19/07 The Golden Compass Falls Flat  by Kevin Willis
12/17/07 I'm Choosing HD DVD, And Here's Why . . .  by Kevin Willis
12/17/07 In Praise of Humanity  by Kevin Willis
11/30/07 I Don't Want To Sound Nutty, But . . .  by Kevin Willis
11/26/07 The Amazon Kindle: The Edsel of the Internet Age  by Kevin Willis
10/04/07 Harry Shearer Said Political Journalists Were Too Nice to Bush  by Kevin Willis
09/11/07 Koogle Peanut Butter!  by Kevin Willis
07/30/07 And It's Just a Commercial  by Kevin Willis
04/13/07 Don Imus Is a Conservative?  by Kevin Willis
04/11/07 An Email to Thomas Jefferson  by Kevin Willis
04/04/07 Debunking Global Warming, Part 5: Comparing Global Warming to Teen Slasher Movies  by Kevin Willis
02/28/07 Debunking Global Warming, Part 4: Environmentalism as Religion, Silencing the Critics  by Kevin Willis
02/23/07 Debunking Global Warming, Part 3: The Myths of Consensus  by Kevin Willis
02/16/07 Debunking Global Warming, Part 2: More on Crichton, his Critics and the Tedium of Factual Debate  by Kevin Willis
02/15/07 Debunking Global Warming, Part I: Red Flags, Crichton, Crowley and the Tedium of Factual Debate  by Kevin Willis
02/13/07 Ann Coulter, Hate Speech, Book Sales . . .  by Kevin Willis
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Obama/Axelrod Smear Palin, Attempt Fake Grassroots Campaign  link added 09/22/08   by Kevin Willis
The Jawa Report has a breakdown on how Axelrod and the Obama campaign are trying to make fake grassroots campaigns to smear Sarah Palin, while, at the same time, leaving a trail of smoking guns everywhere. No wonder the left like's to tell us they are the smartest and most ethical folks out there!
Charlie Gibson Prejudiced Against Palin, JOFI  link added 09/13/08   by Kevin Willis
The Journal of Feminist Insight blog has a breakdown of softballs Charlie Gibson tossed Obama vs. the prosecutorial nature of his questions for Palin. Pretty damning stuff, indeed. For Obama: How does it feel to win? For Palin: Do you have enough qualifications for the job your seeking? And on and on and on. Not classy, Charlie.
The Politics of Blood from First Things.  link added 09/03/08   by Kevin Willis
Apparently to folks of the left, the ends will always justify the means. Ruin people, lie, cheat, steal, anything short of murder (and, hmm, who knows, maybe that, too) is okay if it means you get universal healthcare and progressive taxation. Learning that, on the left, the end always justifies the means is why I'm not a liberal today.
And It's In Spiegel!  link added 04/03/08   by Kevin Willis
A great story about a heroic soldier. <sarcasm>Suck on this, you pinkos! </sarcasm>
Horror Movies Are About White Guilt Over Gentrification?  link added 10/31/07   by Kevin Willis
An excellent example (from AlterNet, where else?) of overthinking without serious thought. Horror movies are about villifying displaced native Americans and ethnic minorities in slums? Time after time, it seems well-bred, well-educated folks can be mind-numbingly foolish.
Take the Global Warming Test  link added 04/18/07   by Kevin Willis
How does Global Warming reall work? What really causes it? Is there really a consensus? Take the Global Warming test and see how much you really know!
Dubya More Environmentally Friendly Than Al Gore  link added 02/28/07   by Kevin Willis
But that's not the conclusion of this article. The conclusion of this article is that because George W. Bush lives an environmentally friendly lifestyle in his own life, he's bad! He should be mandating that the unwashed masses have to cripple their lifestyles and live like luddites to satisfy the liberal elites: who, like Al Gore, don't live the restricted lifestyle the advocate for everybody else.
Is Bush a Lunatic? Molly Ivins  link added 05/17/06   by Kevin Willis
Is Bush insane or just stupid? Are the Republicans crazy or evil? With these thoughtful, reasoned questions, Molly Ivins launches a campaign to help Republicans in November.

She thinks a $70 billion dollar tax cut is proof of insanity, but the fact that the economy is firing on all cylinders and almost everybody is doing better because the economy is so strong . . . doesn't figure into it. Tax cuts are bad!

She notes a typical definition of insanity as "doing the same thing and expecting different results", but one might also think that seeing great results and yet persistently wanting to do different things (that, historically, have produced poor results) is smart. Huh?
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