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Obama/Axelrod Smear Palin, Attempt Fake Grassroots Campaign  link added 09/22/08   by Kevin Willis
The Jawa Report has a breakdown on how Axelrod and the Obama campaign are trying to make fake grassroots campaigns to smear Sarah Palin, while, at the same time, leaving a trail of smoking guns everywhere. No wonder the left like's to tell us they are the smartest and most ethical folks out there!
Charlie Gibson Prejudiced Against Palin, JOFI  link added 09/13/08   by Kevin Willis
The Journal of Feminist Insight blog has a breakdown of softballs Charlie Gibson tossed Obama vs. the prosecutorial nature of his questions for Palin. Pretty damning stuff, indeed. For Obama: How does it feel to win? For Palin: Do you have enough qualifications for the job your seeking? And on and on and on. Not classy, Charlie.
The Politics of Blood from First Things.  link added 09/03/08   by Kevin Willis
Apparently to folks of the left, the ends will always justify the means. Ruin people, lie, cheat, steal, anything short of murder (and, hmm, who knows, maybe that, too) is okay if it means you get universal healthcare and progressive taxation. Learning that, on the left, the end always justifies the means is why I'm not a liberal today.
And It's In Spiegel!  link added 04/03/08   by Kevin Willis
A great story about a heroic soldier. <sarcasm>Suck on this, you pinkos! </sarcasm>
Horror Movies Are About White Guilt Over Gentrification?  link added 10/31/07   by Kevin Willis
An excellent example (from AlterNet, where else?) of overthinking without serious thought. Horror movies are about villifying displaced native Americans and ethnic minorities in slums? Time after time, it seems well-bred, well-educated folks can be mind-numbingly foolish.
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